Road to London, My Story – Jon Bales

My road to London has been a long one. From fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos to Hyde Park has been an incredible journey. When I returned from combat, weighing 140lbs., it took quite awhile to gain the weight I lost having malaria. I was fortunate enough to hear about a Master’s Swim Program and started swimming again.


It wasn’t until four years ago did I find out about the Aquathon. Thanks to Gary Burnett, who was ranked in the “Top 3” in his age group in the Olympic Distance Triathlon,  informing me of the running and swimming event. He was instrumental in getting me involved. As the article says, I do each race for the 44,000 Brothers that are on “The Wall” that never had the chance to experience growing old. “They” are my support. I stride to live each day to the fullest for them!

I have had the rare opportunity to represent the US wearing a military uniform and athletic uniform.

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